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Ladies & Gentleman, Greetings!!!! A little note about the Law Offices of Nnaka & Assoc, PLLC.

We are a Law Firm with an unusual history. Founded by sophisticated and caring minds dedicated to the pursuit of justice and equity, the Firm has represented the underdogs, governments, private and public companies, and individuals of substantial means. At each and every step, we have exceeded expectations, winning millions of dollars for our clients or in some cases, simply securing “victory” in a form and manner commensurate with our client’s objectives.

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The professional culture that permeates our services is predicated on rational aggressiveness, civility, trust and respect for our clients. For over the years, the Firm has long recognized that people look for lawyers to help and assist them in times of need. While a client’s cooperation is important, the outcome of any case is for the most part dependent on the quality of the lawyer and the services provided. That is why we are a service and result oriented Firm. And we are proud of our records. We take pride in the quality of our staff and lawyers and the services we provide.

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Notes on coverage and expertise about the Law Offices of Nnaka & Assoc, PLLC:  Practice areas includes PERSONAL INJURY ( Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, Premises Liability, Product Liability); IMMIGRATION ( Green Card Petitions, Citizenship, Deportation Defense, Employment Visas, Religion Visas); FAMILY LAW ) Divorce, Child Support & Custody, Change of Name, Adoption etc.)

In additional, our practice areas also include CRIMINAL LAW ( All Felonies, All Misdemeanors, DWI, Drug Charges, Domestic Violances, Theft etc.) and INTERNATIONAL LAW ( Oil & Gas, Int’l Arbitration, Int’l Agency, Int’l Trade Representation).


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IMMIGRATION: If the Immigration Reform bill takes place, there will be up to 250,000 new visas established. The Merit Based Visa applicants are awarded through a points system based on factors such as: education, work experience, and family ties in the U.S. The Merit Based Visa will be formed during the fifth year of the enactment of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act for up to 120,000 people. They will get permanent visa for residency known as green card. Families are now concern. The Merit Based Visa will take over the Diversity Visa Lottery known as The Green Card Lottery. The Visa award system is divided into two tiers. Tier 1 is endowed based on education degree; the higher the degree, the more points awarded. It also depends on employment status, Entrepreneurship, English fluency with the score of 80 or higher on Test of English, and family status. As for Tier 2, points are awarded based on number of years of lawful employment in the United States, Civil Involvement, origin, English fluency with a score of 75 or higher, and meeting the special employment criteria.
The Agricultural visa is considered under the Immigration Bill. The temporary visa are for non-immigrants who work in the agricultural field outside of the US. The Agricultural Visa lets non-immigrants to work any part of the US for a Designated Agricultural Employer also known as DEA. It is mandatory for the employer to provide housing for the non-immigrant. The DEA is supposed to reimburse the agricultural worker, also known as W-2 contract worker , to support there transportation from worker’s residence to place of employment as long as the employer completes the minimum of 27 months of employment within the same DEA. Employers should not not have bias against non-immigrant workers in terms of earnings, benefits, and working conditions which means non-immigrant workers have equal opportunities as a US worker. 112,333 visas will be given within the first 5 years of enactment. Visas are valid for three years and could be extended for another three years. If they received Visa for two leading sets of three years, the immigrant has to return to their residence outside of US for the minimum of three months before applying for a new Visa. In order to get eligible for a non-immigrant worker Visa for agriculture, they must pass the background check, be 16 years or older on the day of the application that was submitted, and never had a history of being removed from the US.

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