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Immigration lawyer in Houston

           Immigration lawyer in Houston .  9/11, has changed the face of American immigration as we know it. This on unprecedented attack on U.S sovereignty and psyche resulted in legislation like the patriot act, homelands security acts, which has significant impact on immigration. Prior to 9/11, Congress enacted legislation that severely restricted the rights of immigrants while limiting legal immigration and discouraging undocumented aliens. For the most part, the future of immigration will continue to generate heated political passions in the foreseeable future. Yet, every year, thousands or millions of people world over contemplate immigration to the united states, some for political reason, others for economic, social or family reasons. While the decision to emigrate is not easy, considerable anxieties are invited when people leave behind the familiar ancestral homes, friends, associates and pieces of mosaic that form their daily lives. These anxieties become further complicated when arriving immigrants face problems of adjusting their status, extending visas, seeking asylum, finding a job or even hospital treatment.

            At the Law Offices of Nnaka & Assoc, PLLC, we have first generation immigrant lawyers who understand immigration law and the problems of immigrants no matter what country they come from. Through years of experience, we have made record successes in helping immigrants and visitors in the following areas:

Visa Processing & applications

Employment Visas; H-1; Labor; Certification, etc.

Adjustment of Status – Green Card

Change of Status; Student, Visitors



Investor Visa

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