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Welcome to Nnaka and Associates, PLLC

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We are a Law Firm with an unusual history. Founded by sophisticated and caring minds dedicated to the pursuit of justice and equity, the Firm has represented the underdogs, governments, private and public companies, and individuals of substantial means.

At each and every step, we have exceeded expectations, winning millions of dollars for our clients or in some cases, simply securing “victory” in a form and manner commensurate with our client’s objectives.

More About Us

Our lawyers: Experience & Professionalism

The Law Firm of Nnaka & Assoc, PLLC is staffed with attorneys or lawyers with distinguished careers and personalities. The Firm’s lawyers are intelligent, creative, courageous but sensitive to the needs of our clients. These lawyers are problem solvers who are willing to go the extra mile for our clients.
Not only does the firm have excellent lawyers, it maintains a vast arsenal of attorneys in associate or “of counsel” relationship to handle or deal “unique” situations. A “no nonsense” Firm, the lawyers provide a “team aggressiveness” that strike an unusual cord with the bench and opposing lawyers. You can always count on us.

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Started at Houston

Involvement started from Houston and now handling number of satisfied clients at Houston are with our professional competency

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Extended Involvement

Our lawyers have great variations of case handled over the years at this location.

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Extensive Involvement

In this location, we are extensively involved in our client's cases. New clients are requested to call for advance appointment

What We Offering to You

Corporate Matters

Personal Injury


Nnaka & Assoc, PLLC has extensive experience in representing injured victims, recovering millions for its clients. We have successfully represented victims of auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, medical and product negligence, wrongful deaths, etc. We are a firm devoted to litigation, and our attorneys and staff have the experience and commitment to obtain maximum recovery for you or your family. We are attentive and sensitive to our clients. We I understand their pain, frustration and concerns in these times. Let us help you as we have helped others. Call, write or e-mail us today.

Business Litigation


The Law Firm of Nnaka & Co., Chartered has a broad range of experience representing clients—both plaintiffs and defendants, in litigation and non-litigation matters involving large and small businesses. For many years, we have represented various businesses, large, medium and small to sole proprietors, family business to closely held companies in virtually every kind of business disputes. As a result, we have a reservoir of experience in complex issues that frequently come up in business matters, both in a litigation and negotiation settings. As a part of our cost effective approach, we first dissect the issues, profile the characters involved, ...

Environmental Law


Industrial pollution, waste disposal, soil, air and water contamination, oil spillages among others pose significant challenge to the survival of communities, into a larger degree, the human race. Going forward experts predict that environmental degradation may be the single most important source of death, diseases, catastrophe and anxieties in an ever—changing world. Indeed, it is often difficult to hold individual, companies or governments responsible for damages to the environment. Affected individuals in communities seldom have the organization and resources to challenge the rich and powerful corporations responsible for many of the problems. Today, the Law Offices of Nnaka & Co., ...

Immigration Assistance


At the Law Offices of Nnaka & Assoc, PLLC, we have first generation immigrant lawyers who understand immigration law and the problems of immigrants no matter what country they come from. Through years of experience, we have made record successes in helping immigrants and visitors in the following areas: Visa Processing & applications Employment Visas; H-1; Labor; Certification, etc. Adjustment of Status – Green Card Change of Status; Student, Visitors Removal/Deportation Citizenship Investor Visa We are ready to assist you anytime. Call or e-mail us at your earliest convenience.

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